Friday, 16 December 2011

Why does it have to be so slow?

Made it back into cleavage of the Broads group to submit another short and sweet number.

Today's prompt - What are your biggest pet peeves from Em (but not me)

I am quite a tolerant woman and even when someone has let me down, I'm quite understanding when probably I should be ranting. But the thing that annoys me so much that I boil and shout out loud is bloomin' computer virus software and updates.

Imagine I only have 30 minutes to spare and I need to quickly use the computer to print off a map, or amend a document or write a blog post and what happens? The evil creeping virus software decides to scan or update something and slow everything down. I can't even shut it off because the whole computer universe has slowed down until it gets to the stage when I type a sentence and the words have a 30 second time delay because it's running so bloomin' slowly. Please note this is happening even as I write and my window of opportunity is short before my daughter gets bored with playing, calls me to read her bedtime story and another post will sit unfinished in the file.

The time I waste sitting waiting while the computer chug, chug, chugs away, it just makes me crazy. Then it has the audacity to tell me that it needs to restart my computer. Shut down my computer, take more valuable time away from me, does it not know how long it took me to get to this point and by the time I get back to where I was, my moment of time and inspiration will be gone!! Outrageous!

Ooh nice to get that out.

Friday, 2 December 2011

"What is the stupidest thing you did this year? What about in your whole life? You can take stupid to mean: embarrassing, dangerous, funny, lame, whatever you consider "stupid."

I've gone with stupid meaning a little bit incompetent. I am an incompetent internet shopper.

This week we had our monthly food shopping delivery. I have my groceries delivered firstly because I hate walking around supermarkets it's just not a pleasant experience in overcrowded south east England and second because we live down a single track lane, where you can't park outside the front of the house and there are lots of steps up to our front door. So for a small fee I get a man to do all the heavy lifting.

Anyway, this week along with our standard food and cleaning products I accidentally ordered four jars of Nutella, two large jars and two small jars but only one single lonely apple.

To assure you that this is not a one off occurrence, there was the time I bought 10 large bags of onions.
Internet shopping

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oh Pandy, if I had a time machine I'd rescue you.

Reasons for not blogging for months are many and too dull to go on about. But I've been inspired by the Reverb Broads to give it another chance. I'm well aware that I may crash and burn after one day, so I'm keeping my posts short and my expectations realistic.

December 1: Reverb Broads Prompt: "If the you of today could go back in time and give advice to any of the previous yous, which age would you visit and what would you tell them?"

Honestly, there are many versions of me that I would go back and visit but who needs the visit more? A university Christmas party me that was about to learn why not wine before beer. Or a teenage me, who, confined to the sofa for years couldn't believe that they'd ever feel well enough to lead a normal life. Or the me who was so shy that to even speak in a group took huge effort.

I have the power to potentially change my life and what would I do? I'd save my panda of course.

I'd visit 7 year old me and prevent something that at the time was devastating.

I'd say: Emily Victoria Beauchamp on the night of your 8th birthday your younger brother Jim will misunderstand the comment that Mum made about you being too old for a toy panda. He, with good intentions, will take Pandy your best friend and companion since birth and throw him in the dustbin outside.

Don't give up looking for Pandy that night. Don't just go to bed thinking you will look again in the morning. Don't think Jim is only joking when he said he'd put Pandy in the bin, because the dustbin men are coming the next morning to empty the bin.

Lovely Pandy

 Pandy would be saved and all is right with the world.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

7days - Whizzing through days 2 to 6

Day 2 - I reached a point on Sunday when I just had to lie down, then Tilda came home from her party all excited but also needed five minutes to calm down. So we attempted to get her to be still for a moment by having a who could pull the best funny face game.

Day 2 - Lying down

Day 3 -

Day 3 - Walk home from school

I felt terrible all morning, so bad that after taking Tilda to school I just blobbed in front of the television watching rubbish. I just couldn't move. But after lunch and a creme egg I felt much better but still not a face shot day. So the photo ended up with us walking home up the hill from school.

Day 4 - I volunteer at an under 5s toddler group and the sign in the kitchen just makes me smile, but then I am easily amused.

Day 4 - I'm easily amused

Day 5 - I wouldn't normally dress like this to do gardening, but I only wanted to spend an hour in the garden and I was too lazy to get changed only to have to get changed back to go to school and then onto ballet class.

Day 5 - Pulling up weeds

Day 6 - My first book this year. Due to my inability to stay awake, I haven't read a book or even a chapter of a book since the end of November.

This week, not only am I able to stay awake but I discovered Rebecca and I've not been able to put it down, I've just got to find out what happens next and why. I can't believe I've not read it earlier.

So I sneaked in a quick chapter before I had to head off to school to pick up Tilda.

Day 6 - My first book this year

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day 1 - Toys R Us

Day 1 - At Toys R Us

The start of a new week of 7days, last time I gave up after two photos, due to a pregnancy scare that changed my focus on the world and my ability to move around.

Today was a beautiful blue sky day. We drove up to Luton to meet my new and exceedingly cute nephew, (fresh out of the oven on Monday).

On the way home we stopped at the Luton branch of Toys R Us to use a voucher that we were given two years ago, the store near us is too much of a mission to get to.

So this is me reflected in the security office window, holding our purchases, a Strawberry Shortcake fashion boutique and a dinosaur egg for a party tomorrow.

Monday, 17 January 2011

A slow starter

You would have thought that for someone who has not gone anywhere in the past month other than my parent's house, the doctors and a funeral that I would have had plenty of time to make, create and blog.

But nothing is flowing, I haven't drawn, created, I haven't even taken a single photograph this year and the weird thing is that I don't mind.

Anyway, I'm a bit slow with the annual review, but that's just me at the moment. I've wanted to put a mosaic up of 2010 as I'd made one for 2009

A brief summary of 2010

For all it's bright happy pictures 2010 was really hard work. Around April I couldn't believe how many horrible things were happening to us, so I wrote a list of all the bad things and then to see how life balanced out I wrote down all the good things. I kept the list going for the rest of the year (it was a long list) but I have to admit that I did fiddle it so that life always ended up with a positive glow.

I have no vision of 2011, no specific aims, no goals I'd just really like to make lots more bright, happy, sunshine filled memories. I suppose I'd better start by taking some pictures.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

7days dropout

Things aren't quite right with me at the moment and as a result I haven't got the heart to take a self portrait. I just don't feel like focussing on me but I'm still feeling positive with the world.

7dayers are such a fun and friendly group and although I can't take photos I will still participate by commenting.